Gentleman’s Guide To Setting Up A Home Bar

The transition of a guy from man to a gentleman begins in these three factors, the way he dress, his attitude, and how he stocks his home bar. We’re going to dwell on the third one. For the gents, if you are fond of inviting and entertaining guests, impress a date, a boss, or just want your friends to come over for some drinks then a properly stocked bar is a must. Getting started on a home bar can be a daunting task to have, but it doesn’t have to. Through this, you can even take on the challenge of being a mixologist yourself by experimenting on some new drinks or just want to have a glass of your favorite brandy before hitting the hay.

The stock

Choose the alcohols that you actually like. This is a lesson that I learned the hard way because I used to buy drinks that my guests would actually prefer rather than the ones that I actually like, and I wasn’t really satisfied because I spent money on alcohol that I rarely drink and enjoy. The bar’s main customer is you. Pick it and stick to it because it is also a chance for you to share your personal preference to your guests.It is also important to be aware of the mixes, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic mixes, in that way you can experiment on what works best for you.

The equipment

You don’t need to go all out fancy on this one. Although when it comes to home bars, a truly essential one is having an beverage dispenser in Australia which makes pouring over the drink onto the glasses easier and classier to look.

Other than that, good buy 30ml spirit pourer to pour the exact amount for every guest, as well as have an accurate amount of liquor you put for your mixes. In that way, you are able to maintain the desired taste without it having to be too strong on the alcohol or not be able to taste the alcohol at all.It also pays to have a mini fridge under the bar to keep all your liquors chilled, especially when anticipating guests so you won’t have to stock it up when they actually arrive and have to wait for it to chill.


Specific drinks have their own specific glass to be poured on. Don’t just go to your kitchen and get a coffee mug or the usual glass you use. It is actually more important than you think because pouring in a type of alcohol onto the glass that is supposed to be poured on improves your drinking experience by enhancing its aroma and maintaining the correct temperature.